I have been working with Grace Najean to transition myself from a full-time employee to an independent consultant and Non-Executive Director and to get my life into balance for future happiness. My sessions with Grace have been both challenging and engaging. They have helped me to ask myself the right questions, choose the right goals and make proper plans to achieve them.
Managing Director Oil and Gas
I have been coached by Grace now for almost 18 months. In that time my life has completely transformed. Grace has helped me to achieve clarity of thought and the confidence to make life changing decisions that align with my life's mission. We've achieved lifelong goals in this short space of time that before we started working together seemed impossible. On top of that she's a beautiful person and I always look forward to our weekly calls. If you’re thinking about bringing Grace into your life - don't hesitate, just do it!
Business Owner Finance Company
I started working with Grace at a time when my life was at stage I recognise now as “the Dip”. I was at the last stage of completing a fellowship in Emergency Medicine – a process which had been 10 years in the making and now required only one last set of exams. I was at the same time making a considerable income on contract work and was two years into financial trading which I seemed to be getting the hang of. In the background I had very young children and my wife, who was going through personal problems as well.

I was tired all the time, I had low self-esteem and self-hatred as I just couldn’t figure out why I felt stuck. Externally life was continuing along, but internally I was just stuck.

For the last two years I have learnt from Grace and applied it to my life. I have realised a lot of progress, achieved a lot, released a lot of baggage. I passed my fellowship exams (huge achievement - childhood dream come true).

And overall I am a much better version of myself owing to what I have learnt through Grace and I am very grateful for her part in my life.
Dr. Tunga
Consultant Emergency
I absolutely loved working with Grace over the medium term. As a coach I especially appreciate the value of an amazing coach. With my long history of being involved in Anthony Robbins training, I sought a coach in this area and after speaking to a number of coaches, I was drawn to Grace. What followed is a journey I did not expect. I discovered things that were in my blind spot despite all the work I continue to put into my personal development. Grace is skilful, highly experienced, attentive, and a great partner in the journey. During our work together, I made some big decisions that will have a lasting impact for myself and those around me, and so far I am certain that all of those decisions have been the right ones for me. If you are seeking a high level coach, I highly recommend Grace.
Business Success Coach
I approached Grace for Life Coaching assistance when I was offered a position in the private sector after working in the public sector for many years. I had hit a brick wall and seemed unable to make a decision, causing me distress and anxiety.

Grace helped me re-focus and, using a logical framework, we worked through the issues based on what was most important to me in my career. I was then able to re-consider the decision in a rational manner and made up my mind shortly thereafter. I felt empowered and much calmer after the session with Grace, and feel that without her help I would not have moved forward.
Manager Environment
I can wholeheartedly recommend Grace as not only a business coach but also a life coach. Grace was able to listen, analyse and help me develop manageable goals that I could practically implement in order to start out on my own. Grace has lots of positive energy she is not shy to share, and as such she was able to create a safe and humane space for me in which self-development and business development could take place!
Registered Psychologist and Business Owner
Grace helped me through a major transitional period in my life and I would be on a significantly negative path if it wasn't for her. She provides me with insights and commentary that you simply cannot get anywhere else. I'm forever grateful for all the help she has provided me (especially when I wasn't in the mindset to receive it) and would highly recommend you try her as your coach.
Sydney, Australia
Grace helped me to take my life to another level. And this did not happen in a context that I would not know much about personal development. By contrary, I am a person who has been interested in personal development for years, seeking to learn from masters in the field such as Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler during live events. But the one-to-one coaching is irreplaceable!
I became much stronger in the course of our coaching programme with Grace. In a certain way, Grace helped me to change my destiny: from a person who was so conditioned by her own subconscious interpretation of various life events that ended up severely affecting her health, to a place where I became much stronger and more aware of where and what I want to be, do and have in my life. From dealing with and sorting out personal traumas to looking at ways to work and interact with other people, becoming interested in leadership techniques. This is where we are now. And I feel there is a whole universe to be further explored. And all this in a process conducted with a unique grace by my coach!
Economic Adviser European Commission
Hi, my name is Wilson and I would like to share my experience of coaching through Grace. She is really a nice person and we always work out the strategy to grow my business and other areas in my life. My business has grown 300% in revenue within 12 months. So, if you think you are ready to be coached I highly recommend Grace as your personal coach.
Business Owner SEO Company
I started a coaching program with Grace at a time I was facing extremely hard challenges. I felt deeply stuck and couldn’t see a solution. The interventions of Grace have been since the first call really powerful. I could experience great positive changes after each session. Grace has also shown a lot of flexibility and provided me an intense support when I needed it the most. She has used many different techniques such as reframing my problems which gave me better perspectives, intervention on my state which connected me with my inner resources, in addition to actions plan. Overall this has been an extraordinary transforming experience, in a really short time. Although I expected to work 2-3 months on this issue, after only 15 days (4 sessions), I can say that I have totally overcome this problem. Big thanks to you Grace and I look forward to continue this amazing coaching program!
Professional Coach
Grace coached me for 2 years and there was never a session that I didn't find at least one, usually more, nuggets of useful coaching advice from her. She masterfully mixes a supportive stance with a voice of reason and clear accountability when she coaches and she can discuss strategic ideas and tactical execution of them with equal confidence which I found quite impressive.

I have the highest recommendation for Grace!
Former global banking Managing Director
Grace is truly an amazing professional. She finds the unique aspects of your life and personality and through this knowledge helps to guide you towards effective solutions for improvement. Each session gives practical actions to improve oneself. I can see her help halving far-reaching affects on my life.
Dr. Theresa
Senate Candidate
It’s fair to say working with Grace has changed my life.
My focus was my business career as I had isolated that as the major need in my life. I believed my business career would provide me with the fulfilment I was seeking. Grace took me on a path relating back to my primary needs and dreams which I reluctantly engaged in. My trust in Grace was rewarded with the purpose of my life being defined, and a plan mapped out about how to achieve my fulfilment. It took Grace’s guidance, as my Life Coach, to demonstrate a greater meaning to me. This has resulted in a clear vision and greater fulfilment with not only my work, but with all aspects of my life.
I cannot thank Grace enough for her professionalism, generosity, guidance, support, understanding and patience. Grace has an amazing array of professional and personal experience she calls upon in delivering her Life Coach strategies. Her expertise and knowledge cannot be questioned.
I feel lucky to have made this connection with Grace and look forward to the relationship developing in the future and enjoying the success and fulfilment she is bringing to my life. I hope everyone can find a Life Coach as great as Grace.
Owner Tennis Franchising
Getting Grace as my coach is absolutely one of the best business decisions I have ever made. I have achieved some of my business goals such as setting up commercial business operation and inviting the industry leader to mentor me. I feel even more grateful that I achieved some personal goals which I never thought I could get it done. If you want to make some positive changes in life, I highly recommend that you invite Grace as your coach, and you will see the result!
Managing Director Industrial Company
Grace’s coaching was the key component that helped me break the shackles from being a long term subordinate employee to running my own business. I achieved goals within 9 months that I had previously thought unattainable. Grace has a broad range of experiences and skills that can assist you in both your personal and professional or business life. She can help you change your thinking from 'I can’t' to 'I can'. She has a knack for helping you see the big picture. Coaching provided me with a plan, a person to set goals and deadlines with, and someone to hold me on course when I was tempted to drift. Mainly, it provided a challenging encouraging force to balance against the conservative thoughts I put on myself or received from well-meaning others. I highly recommend Grace as a Coach.
General Manager Engineering Company
Grace’s coaching has made a incredible difference in my life. She has helped me develop my strengths and taken my success to the next level. She is extremely experienced and was able to identify the core challenges (both business and personal) I was facing and provided me with the tools and strategies to overcome them. Through her coaching I now attract abundance, my standards have been elevated and my life is overflowing with fulfillment. I am very grateful to have come across Grace in my life.
Fitness Gym Business Owner
I’d like to thank you Grace, for providing such an inspiring Life Coaching. I have really enjoyed Grace’s coaching sessions. Grace’s Step Process coaching was really inspiring to me and came to me at exactly the right time in my life. Her method is simple and so effective. I would strongly recommend Grace to anyone who wants to improve the quality of the life and find happiness.
When I met Grace, I was going through a separation/divorce and was having lots of personal and financial issues. I had been seeing a psychologist to help me deal with the problems of guilt, and my worries about future plans with my daughter. After a year, I still didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, and was even more stressed than before, as I felt that I was running out of time to establish myself...
The turning point came after a month or so when she did a breakthrough session with me to help me get over the guilt that I have been holding inside me due to the fact that I wasn’t able to forgive myself. We worked on it, and finally let that go. Since then, I have not looked back. My thinking has become more positive, and I have been happier. Grace has always been helping me, providing me the tools for me to change myself and my blueprint.
She is a great person, with a genuine passion for helping others. I would highly recommend Grace as a personal Life Coach to anyone. She is patient, kind and possesses the gift to help others. I am blessed to have Grace as my coach and friend.
Personal Trainer
I was fortunate to have Grace as my coach during a time when I was very unhappy in my job, she guided me through some challenging relationships at work and then again when my role was made redundant. I was able to enjoy some time off without fear of the future. If it hadn't have been for Grace I would probably have rushed back into a job that was not right for me. During my time off, with Grace's guidance, I concentrated on getting my physical and mental fitness back on track. When I was ready to go back to work, I worked with Grace to identify my key needs in a role. These turned out to be the chance to learn, made interesting with a lot of variety and I have since taken on such a role. With Grace's help I have met the role head on with a refreshed positive attitude and energy.
Procurement Manager

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