I have worked in corporate environments for ten years, and my heart is still there. I have worked with many boards and organisations, helping them refine the vision, mission and values fundamental to the success of their businesses. After all, business development makes or breaks an organisation. My corporate coaching addresses inefficiencies within organisational leadership and culture. My desire is to continue to serve the corporate world. I have developed strategic alliances in two areas:
Essential Project Solutions:
Essential Project Solutions (EPS) provide tailored solutions for businesses to excel in a multi-cultural environment.
EPS works in partnership with leading organisations to develop a diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent organisation.
C-Suite Level Coaching:
As a C-Level or aspiring C-Level Executive, you need a coach and mentor as experienced as you. Being a leader at the head of the company, facing different and challenging demands, you need an approach specifically designed for the C-Level role.

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