The Decision to be Happy.

How do you condition yourself to be happy?

Most people wish to create more in their lives because they don’t have enough or they fear not having enough.

They focus on the LACK, which in turn, feeds the FEAR deep within themselves.

And then what happens?

Their brain freezes and this fear zaps out their creative energy.

All is an illusion…

Let me ask you one thing. What really belongs to you in this physical world? Money, house, car, job, children?

The truth is you own nothing…

Even your own body doesn’t belong to you as you will leave it here on your last day of life. At the end of the day, what really counts is your experiences and the feelings intertwined with them.

Because right now, what we would call ‘happiness’ is just a feeling and sensation. Mostly fleeting and temporary.

We are too busy chasing the things we expect to be giving us the happiness we think we deserve. Then the begging of suffering starts and we become trapped by external conditions.

Let go of your scarcity mindset if you wish to create abundance in your life.

Start focusing on YOUR happiness. Own this emotion rather than letting the outer world dictate what you should feel about yourself. Connect with yourself deeply. This way, you’ll feel genuine happiness every day and every moment.

Is it that easy to be happy? Yes, it is. Only if you train yourself enough.

Make a decision to be happy whatever it takes. Happiness is a commitment.