How to Find Happiness and Fulfillment

I see lots of my clients’ happy moments in their lives and I’m so honored to be there in these moments of triumph…

But somehow, these same clients come back with tears or with suffering the following weeks. Something seems to be going wrong in their way and possibly, in their mind.

How can we create more happiness to have fulfillment?

I noticed that most of my clients only focus on 1 or 2 areas of their lives that they tend to ignore the areas that need nourishing.

Like the wheel of life, I see life being resembled by a wheel. 1 or 2 strong spokes wouldn’t keep your life rolling smooth.

This is why I consider myself a life coach for leaders rather than an executive coach or a leadership coach. Because there are so many areas in your life that you can nourish so you can enjoy your happiness and grow.

Things like health and energy, family, relationship, parenting, finance, emotional strength, or even contribution.

On the last day of your life, no one would ask you if you are successful in either your professional life or personal life. They go together. One life and one person. You can only bring a few emotions that you have been feeling your whole life to that last moment, and that is what matters.

So how can we be fulfilled?

There are 2 ways in my opinion.

You make a plan in each area of your life and work hard to progress and achieve your goals.

The other way is growing yourself to become bigger than your problems and your environment.

When you’ve achieved higher consciousness, all the answers follow in a flow. You are able to create a new you and eventually become the ideal person who loves yourself first of all.

When we truly love ourselves with compassion, we can start to love others. And that’s how you become a true leader.

And then finally, we live a fulfilled life for ourselves and for others.