The Art of Decision Making

What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?

Whatever it is, you already know the solutions deep inside of you. Don’t you?

When you are true to yourself and able to connect with your inner voice, you can hear the little or big sounds from inside you.

“Go for it. Don’t be scared. You can do this.”

On the contrary, we make decisions based on what we hear from other voices, the lousy ones.

“What if you lock the boat? When things don’t work, you will lose everything.”

You end up asking so many questions and so many what-ifs. You tend to live in the past or be in the future.

Making decisions is not easy sometimes.

A client asked me how I made big decisions in my life and what I was thinking in order to come up with THE decision.

Typically, the answer would be, “When you make a big decision, don’t think.”

Some would even say, “Listen to your heart,” “Be yourself,” or “Have your own voice.”

But I would say, “Faith.” Not that it’s anything related to religion.

When you believe and want something so much beyond yourself, I call it FAITH.

Life itself is a Faith.

Otherwise, how we can be here and live our lives?

Nothing and anything is certain or permanent in this physical world. You don’t even know who, how, and where you will be born.

But how can we cultivate and grow our faith in this world of conditioning and scarcity? Where people even don’t know who they are and what they love to do.

This becomes a battle between you and the Matrix. But who is the master?

I say ME. I create my world and I create my universe…because this is my life and I’ve got one single shot.

Therefore, I make my decision. I have the tremendous pleasure of making my own choices. There is no bad or good decision, only a decision.