Clarity: What it Means to You and Your Wellbeing

Clarity is power. For everything in life.

It doesn’t matter how you create it: setting goals, vision board, planning, meditation, visualisation, diary, etc. Whatever works for you is best but you need to provide some clear indication for your brain to follow.

I often compare ourselves to a computer.

The hardware is our body, the software is our brain and the electricity is our soul/spirit/energy.

The computer doesn’t function if there is no electricity. Just like when our soul/spirit/energy leaves our body, our physical life ends.

If the hardware is not upgraded, even the latest software version wouldn’t work at its best and vice versa. Without enough electricity power volt, the computer won’t work properly.

The same goes with our bodies. If your body is weak, your brain will be weak too.

If your soul/spirit/energy is not strong enough, it will be hard to be your best self, both physically and mentally.

Our brain really functions like software. Our life experiences are turned into strings of data within our brains. If you think about our decisions, it is based on thoughts and meanings which we have created from the past.

In fact, every single thought is created by our experiences from the outer world being transmitted through our body senses (see, smell, hear, touch, and feel). We program these body feelings with meanings, which will then be transcribed into a thought language. It is important to notice that it’s not the event or the environment that creates meaning but your perception/reaction to it.

If you still follow me, it is obvious that we, as the creator of our thoughts, regardless of the event or the environment are solely responsible for what we think. If your computer is full of unnecessary apps, files, and images, it will slow down and decrease efficiency. Just like how our brain works. So, what kind of data are you feeding to your brain?

A recent study shows that the current estimate of data created every day stands at 1.145 trillion MB. That’s the amount of information available to us. Have you ever wondered why we feel confused and lost with all this data? Too much data will kill your creation, your life.

I have so many clients who would like to know who they really are or what they really want. We are lost with all this information and too much unnecessary data.

Give yourself clarity. Dare to express what you want and don’t want. Cut off the unnecessary information and simplify your thoughts. Let go of the scarcity of missing something.

When we focus on what’s lacking, we can’t create abundance.

Have you found your clarity?