Games and Real Life – What’s the Connection?

Metaphors are powerful.

Some say life is a game. Somehow there is a truth in it.

Let’s say we bought the same video game (or any virtual game). We both have the same program and content created by the same programmer. We both start playing the game but the experience we get at the end of it is completely different. I may end at 2nd round with only 500 points as I’m really terrible. You would continue up to 10 rounds, getting 50,000 points. For me, the experience would be short and disappointing. For you, it would be so much fun and exciting due to your depth of experience within the game.

It almost would have felt like we were playing 2 different games. But they were identical. Same game. Same price. What made our experiences so different? The only difference between you and me was our reactions when obstacles came. Nothing else.

In real life, we are all living on the same planet, right here, right now. But our lives are different.

We can’t change the world. Neither the people. They are all part of the game. There’s nothing we can change or remove. Most people focus too much on the outer world to change their performance or success. Therefore, we become powerless. We suffer for things we can’t change.

But guess what? We become the masters of the game when we master ourselves and our reactions to the world. It’s the one thing that makes our lives different. How we react to the game determines how we win it. And so with the world.