The Truth about Finding Your Best Version

What version are you today?

Do you remember what happened on 9 June 2007? It was the day the first iPhone came out to the market. The former CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007 where he called it “an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator,” all in one. I remember all the people who waited for it and ran into the shops. It was revolutionary and a little miracle came into our lives.

But sooner, people started to notice some inconveniences while using this first version. It was too heavy, too slow. Then the apple research team and technicians worked together and made a lighter and faster version. People then spent their days in front of the shops again. They wanted the V2. Needless to say, users also found issues. Improvements came and V3 was born to replace V2.

The history repeats up until today with iPhone 13. The cycle has been happening for the past 14 years. The new versions of the iPhone have simply revised versions of the previous ones. Each version had its own challenges and problems to solve. Now if we look back at the first and second versions of the iPhone, they were quite primitive. Even their problems were basic technologies compared with the current V13. Nevertheless, 14 years ago, the issues of the first iPhone were complicated enough for Apple to figure out and overcome.

My question here is, how could they invent new versions? If they had the same level of vision or knowledge for V1, would they be capable to create a second version?

Obviously, no. So how could they make the next version each time? They had to get past their current level. But I’m not asking you here about the iPhone history or mobile technology.

Let’s say, you are currently the V12 of your life.

If you look back at your early stage with your first version (infant or toddler stage), the issues you had back then wouldn’t be a big deal for you now. But it was for you during your younger years. You couldn’t sleep or talk to your parents about your little life dramas.

Now looking back with nostalgia, some of them would even feel sweet as a memory. This is the same as with all the other versions of yourself. They had their own issues and problems to solve. Somehow you managed to overcome them and there’s YOU now, the V12 today.

So how did you solve the problems from your previous versions? How did you deal with yesterday’s problems to become the latest V12?

Today, what are your most common issues?

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • I’m not sure (lack of clarity)
  • What if I lose everything?
  • I feel lonely and no one understands me
  • I’m not where I am supposed to be

If you keep repeating your current problems and affirming them every day, you are definitely still a V12. Can you solve your V12 issues when you’re stuck in the same version? The only way to find new solutions is to become V13.

If the magic happens today and you are upgraded to V13, how would you handle your current problems?

Please write down the main stories/issues that you are repeating every day (because most of the time, they are even not real…) and ask your V13 version to find the solutions. Imagine what he/she would tell you….

Such as:

  • I have enough time if I decide to
  • I can take care of myself to feel relaxed
  • I’m certain and I trust myself
  • I can always find solutions

What’s the key takeaway here? Upgrade yourself! Create a better version of yourself. And keep moving.