Feeling Trapped? Here’s What You Need to Do

I love working with high achievers… As a high achiever myself, I can definitely relate to them. But that’s not the only reason.

My clients choose to get coached because they believe there is something more that could help them grow. Most of them have already been at the top of their potentials at one stage of their lives… It doesn’t matter whether it was in primary school or high school or even a few years back in adult life. Some of them are high performers in sports, art, study, activities, and jobs, etc… They have tasted success and they know how to master their craft.

But somehow, these people lose the motivation and direction to move forward. They feel lost and stuck. Frustrated. Ashamed even. Simply for not being able to bring out the best in themselves. Then life gets hectic. They chart new successes and get even busier. But as high achievers, they never give up. They strive to understand where they are or ‘WHY’ they do what they do.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

At some point, we wake up feeling trapped in life. It makes you wonder, “What do I need to do to feel success again and to feel free?”

We tend to chase accomplishments to prove to ourselves that we can still achieve what we want.

But the end of this story is obvious.

This scenario leads us into the ritual of stress, frustration, unhappiness, lack of motivation, procrastination, anger, and discouragement.

Listen to these feelings and start being grateful… That’s the only way to prove how much of a high achiever you are. Most people wouldn’t even feel a bit of your frustration and just accept life as it is.

When we have high standards and high expectations, we know how much we can be better. This is just an auto alert of not being the best version of ourselves and not living to your full potential.

And you are certainly right…

So, ask yourself, what did I do differently in the past years, months, or days to change? Whom do I see every day or what do I read? How much time do I spend on myself? What are my priorities? How much time am I spending on them? What are my goals and vision?

If you are not asking these questions, probably today is the same as yesterday for you. And certainly, tomorrow will be also the same as today….

Would you like to stay stuck? Or would you choose to step up and initiate the change? The choice is yours.