Accountability = Business Success

Every good relationship is built around trust.

With trust comes accountability, the skill to accept responsibility for your work.

A lack of accountability goes hand in hand with a lack productivity, which is damaging to any business.

Accountability is needed for effective business development and its importance should not be denied or ignored. Control over work is dynamic in any workplace, but problems arise when others control how the work gets done, and accountability is decreased.

Leadership behaviours should work to endorse a greater sense of accountability amongst your staff, and encourage employees to step up and take responsibility for their actions. recommends developing these 8 simple skills to help your employees demonstrate a higher level of accountability:

1. Drive for Results

Have a clear definition of what results are required from employees.

2. Honesty and Integrity

Promote courage among employees to tell the truth about projects and work.

3. Trust

Constantly build and develop within the work place.

4. Clear Vision and Direction

Identify what is needed to be accomplished and how to get there.

5. Problem Solving and Technical Expertise

Teach skills and provide training so employees know your expectations.

6. Communication

Listening and talking to employees, making sure communication is always a two-way street.

7. Ability to Change

Initiating change and the ability to promote change in your employees.

8. Collaboration and Resolving Conflict

Ensure there is no competing within the group, rather, focus on fostering cooperation within the team.

Don’t let a lack of accountability in your business throw productivity off course!

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