The Hidden Power of Momentum

You may have noticed that once you get engrossed on a piece of work or started on a project you may find it hard to stop, lose track of time, or work until it’s finished. It’s this drive to keep going no matter what that we call momentum. The ability to keep going once you’re already in motion. In business, it’s important to be able to drive yourself to achieve momentum and to keep it up.

What is momentum?
Momentum is something that pushes you forward, that once you have made that first push to get the ball rolling, will keep compounding to keep you going until you’ve achieved your goal. If you can get a handle on momentum and utilise it to its full potential, you’ve got a recipe for success.

So how do you jump start momentum?
Here are some ways which you can get that ball rolling towards your goals:
1. Create a clear vision of your goals – think about what success means to you and what it looks like.
2. Think about why you have set this goal – The more emotion and reason you have attached to this, the more likely you’ll achieve it
3. Make a deadline for your goal
4. Define the steps to get there, working back from your goal deadline
5. Anticipate the roadblocks and make a plan in case they come up
6. Make time to recharge. Momentum does mean continued motivation, but you need to make time to rest too
7. Reward yourself. Make sure to celebrate the milestones along the way so that you feel like you are getting closer to your goal
8. Get support. Remember you don’t have to do it alone! Have a team on hand that can help you with advice and guidance when you need it
9. Commit! Commit to your goal and know you’ll achieve it!
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