How Will This Change in Leadership Impact the US and the World?

Change and the unknown usually creates scarcity and fear in us. It is our perception however that will determine if these changes will have a negative or a positive impact in our lives.



To be honest, I am not very fond of Donald Trump. I’m still uncomfortable with the election results that just made him the 45th President of the United States.

American history would tell us that often times the drastic leadership changes that happen often leads to great opportunities and many successful stories. Most people have the “American dream” as it is a country that is able to provide equal opportunities for everyone and you’re guaranteed to succeed as long as you are willing to step up and take risks. We have seen several success stories from real people who achieved such dreams and with the elections coming to a close, the “American dream” may now include the fact that anyone can be the US President regardless of race, culture and even lack of experience in politics.

If you had the chance to watch the latest hit movie, Suicide Squad, it was highlighted that anybody can become a superhero if they decide to. This message is the reason why it was such a big hit especially with kids these days, including my daughter (I, on the other hand, didn’t really understand). With this belief where anyone can become a superhero in America, Donald Trump may possibly be the president that all Americans dream of. If every American willing to support Trump as their leader, he can become the superhero for his country and will be able to serve his fellowmen effectively. After all, his leadership success is his country’s success!

With the conclusion of the recent US elections, the possibilities for America is endless.

Only history will tell us the rest.

Always remember, a president never decides for our destiny we are the only ones capable of doing it for ourselves.

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